Panorama De Luxe - the Best Hotel with a Swimming Pool in Odessa.

Panorama De Luxe is a design hotel, where you can enjoy the spectacular sea view and the facilities of own spacious private swimming pool . You can choose between a large pool on the outdoor terrace and a small indoor pool, which is part of the SPA complex.

In the summer, there are cozy sunbeds with umbrellas and tables in the large pool area. Swimming pool sizes (20.5x6.5x1.6 m) are comfortable for guests of all ages. There is a children’s playground on the left side of the pool, where little kids can get into the pool under the watchful eyes of their parents. Childrens zones in the pool are located on 2 sides, so children could get into the water as they want. The sizes of childrens areas are the same on each side (3x1.5x1 m). The other part of the pool is deeper and available for adults. We have bright rubber rings, funny dolphins and whale shaped mattresses for our small guests. While parents enjoy the warming rays of the sun , fresh sea air and viewing the summer seascapes, they also can watch over the children. We create an atmosphere of comfort and security for our guests.

On the right side of the large pool there are jacuzzi, tables, green space for relaxation. Here is an excellent place to relax with drinks and snacks , sit with a phone, clipboard or get a hydro massage. In winter, swimming pool, open terrace and children’s playground don’t work, so the hotel’s guests can enjoy the indoor pool in SPA center.

Five reasons why you should visit a hotel with a swimming pool in Odessa in 2019

In 2019, hotels with swimming pools in Odessa are very popular. It is really convenient to leave the room with only a towel and after a minute get a sunbathe near the pool in the gentle sunshine.

  1. Clean, fresh air. Panorama De Luxe is located conveniently in a park zone, so the salty sea air is always clean and fresh here. You can admire the sea views from the terrace of the pool, which is much better than from the beach.
  2. Everything’s at hand . Spending time near the pool, everything you need is always at hand. The way to the room takes a few minutes. A bar, jacuzzi, SPA are located nearby. Also, you can use the Internet connection (WI-FI). Even if you have only half an hour between excursions in Odessa, you can relax on a lawn chair and enjoy a refreshing swim for at least 25 minutes. You can check the availability of free sun beds near the pool from the room window.
  3. Rest for adults and children. Around the Panorama De Luxe pool, the whole family can relax at the same time. Splash with children or keep watching them from a deck chair. You can answer your e-mail correspondence, sitting behind a shaded table, while the kids swim or play in the playground.
  4. High privacy. The territory at the pool is closed for visitors from other hotels and random passers-by. Your things will be in absolute safety; nobody can disturb your rest. All your stuff can be kept in the room and you can take everything you need in a few minutes.
  5. Organization of events. If you are planning an event, that will stretch out for several days, Panorama De Luxe will offer you a good opportunity to spend time after the main part of the event in an informal atmosphere in SPA zone and around the outdoor swimming pool.

All options of seaside vacation in Panorama De Luxe will turn each visit into an unforgettable experience!

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